At the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, a multi-taction monitor weaves through the center of this gallery. Several visitors can be surveyed at once on the actions they would take in the Civil Rights movement. Visitors' responses are matched, encouraging dialogue. 
 At the National Historic Trails Center visitors can board a Conestoga Wagon and experience frontier travel. A film shows the view from the wagon, which rocks, bounces, and sways as it crosses the plains and rivers. This experience is designed to be accessible to all visitors. 
 At the National Historic Trails Center visitors can use stereoscopes, a once popular 19th century device use to make images appear in 3d. Visitors can view a variety of landscapes that were important to the history shared in the museum. 
 The Sioux City Public Museum features several themed boxes integrated into exhibit areas, encouraging visitors to explore and touch reproductions of artifacts relating to each area. 
 Visitors can explore Native American style and design at the Sioux City Public Museum by decorating this vest. 
 Tablets allow visitors to dig deeper into the natural history, wildlife, landscapes and acitivities that can be enjoyed at the Parklands at Floyds Fork. 
 Visitors can reach inside tactile boxes to feature textures of animal fur, rocks, bark, and other natural surfaces at the Parklands at Floyds Fork. 
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