The Drake Well Museum is a multi-venue, large-scale, technology and history site. It interprets the oil and gas industry from Edwin Drake’s first oil well to development of huge transportation networks and oil-processing refineries.
 This massive light-antimated entry sculpture suggests an oil gusher and anchors a raised central land form around which geographic, geological, technological, and cultural forces changed the face of Pennsylvania.
 Large industrial machines used for drilling oil, along with facades of oilfield and boomtown buildings, fill the interior of the museum. 
 Large historic artifacts and period graphics highlight the exhibits. 
 A variety of graphic design including photo murals draws visitors into the past.
 Modeled on an early fracing unit, this exhibit provides visitors with ways to discover how various petroleum distillates are produced.
 Visitors visually chart the fluctuations of oil production, prices, and effects on the state’s economic growth.
 Organized around a playful stack of antique safes, a monopoly like game board challenges visitors to experience the boom and bust of the oil fields.
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