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 The history of the Flint Hills region is told through a variety of artifacts and graphic design from map treatments on the museum floor all the way to a domed ceiling featuring an expansive prairie sky. 
 In the “Tallgrass Prairie: Tides of Time” theatrical presentation visitors experience the ferocity of a prairie fire, the pounding might of a migrating bison herd, a foggy morning on the prairie, a blinding snow storm, and the beauty and furor of an approaching thunderstorm.
 “Voices of the Flint Hills” allows visitors to contribute their personal stories.
 “Don’t Fence Me In” documents the story of the first ranchers and farmers to the Flint Hills.   The exhibit invites visitors to try their hand at lasso knot tying or sing along with cowboy crooners.
 The “Winds of the Past” gallery tells the story of local peoples of Flint Hills region.
 Innovative design allows visitors to learn about the prairie landscape in new ways. Seeing below ground exposes an extensive plant root system that is an integral part of plant health in the “Underground Forest” gallery.
 Family friendly areas are designed to allow children to explore and learn through curiosity and play. 
 The Flint Hills Discovery Center was designed by architects Verner Johnson, Inc. to be a regional attraction for visitors, as well as a source of local community pride.
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