The central gallery of the museum holds, "This Little Light of Mine," an interactive sculpture animated by light and sound. The sculpture responds to the number and movement of visitors gathered within the space.
 Galleries feature a variety of dynamic graphics and interactive elements. This multi-taction table allows several visitors to interact with a survey that measures and compares your reaction to life in this era with other visitors in the museum. 
 Dynamic graphics, artifact displays, and interactives draw visitors into the history.
 The dynamic graphic design is influenced by the physical presence of the Civil Rights movement. These severe diagonal lines are inspired by the movement of figures in historic photographs. These lines are echoed in the architectural design of the museum building. 
 Innovative design incorporates a variety of settings into sharing the history throughout the galleries, including a jail cell, paddy wagon, train car, and church.
 The museum features challenging content and themes. Hilferty worked closely with museum staff to craft this unflinching look at history.
 An immersive theater about the segregation of education is set up as a classroom for African-Americans on the left and white students on the right. The chalkboard transforms into a film screen as the lights dim. Immersive sound and lighting effects pull the visitor into the story. 
 The museum contains eight galleries with distinct design elements and themes, including fonts, colors, and graphic treatments. All are unified by larger universal aesthetics to create a consistent and impactful visitor experience. 
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