The dynamic exhibit design makes the most of the unique historic space beneath the Ohio Statehouse. The challenging architecture becomes a platform for design from floor to ceiling. 
 Visitors see themselves through graphic figural representations and follow a line of stories of important individuals in Ohio history throughout the exhibit space. 
 How do you cast your vote? Interactives allow visitors to consider and share their stance on today's issues. 
 Leaders from across the state of the state of Ohio are represented in a variety of AV and interactive displays. 
 Visitors interact with economics, testing their hand with the state budget.
 A variety of unique spaces and historic architecture allowed Hilferty to create a unique plan for exhibit design and visitor flow. 
 Several styles of interactive kiosks are used throughout the exhibit.
 A rendering of a potential future phase of exhibit development, projecting dynamic images and animation on the vaulted masonry ceiling.
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