Hilferty worked with the project architect to amplify exhibits through glazing along the front of the museum, maximizing public viewing in its prime downtown location.
DD Birds Eye.jpg
 The windows of a three-story building façade showcase a rear-projection multimedia presentation, Disaster and Recovery, featuring fires, floods and the disaster of United Airlines Flight 232.
 The museum's collections are large and varied - from airplanes to fire engines. Hilferty created dynamic displays, maximizing the impact of these objects, and the story of Sioux City's history.
 The Siouxland’s Attic displays varied odds and ends of the collection. Ghosts in the Mirror explain the significance of the artifacts.
    Numerous open spaces were planned for programming. A Native American dwelling forms an anchor for a storytelling space.   
 Hilferty's design incorporates assemblies of bold graphics, large format historic images, and artifacts, making the most of all available space.
 A large interactive map table highlights many historic, industrial, and natural features in the region. Visitors can change the appearance of the map based on what information they want to learn more about.
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